PT500 Alloyed Anticorrosive Pigment
Color and shape: zinc gray solid powder
Major components: phosphate undergoing surface treatment
Product features: environmental-friendly, nontoxic, heavy metal not contained, poorly soluble in water, disperse easily, noncombustible, great thermostability, prepared paint film resists saline, and salt fog resistant property ranking in the leading place of the congeneric products.
Antirust mechanism:
Chemical rust protection: after the prepared product is mixed with paint, chemical complexation happens to the product and the surface layer of the object being painted, and insoluble passivating film is formed, restraining environment from corrosion to metal substrate such as steel and iron etc.
Physical rust protection: the product can form great electrically conductive path in pain film, improving cathode protection efficiency.
The product has an extremely wide application and can take the place of traditional rust resisting pigment such as zinc powder, aluminium trippolyhosphate, zinc oxide and zinc phosphate etc, or can be used through collocation, particularly applicable to epoxy zinc rich paint. The product can substitute for zinc powder substantially, and cooperate to improve utilization ratio of zinc powder, which is widely applied to such fields as steel structure, ships and oil pipelines etc.
Technical Indexes:
Item Index Test Mode
Appearance Zinc gray powder Visual inspection
Oil absorption ≤15.0 GB/T5211.15-88
Density g/cm3 4.3~5.2 GB/T1713-89
Residue on sieve (500 mesh) % ≤1.0 GB/T1715-79
Hydrotrope % ≤0.5 GB/T5211.1-85
Volatile matter (105℃) ≤0.8 GB/T5211.3-85
Water suspension PH value 7~8.5 GB/T1717-86

Usage: directly blend with ground mass, auxiliary materials, accessory ingredient and solvent, just disperse.
Packing specification: double layered package---woven outside and modeled inside, 25kg/bag (net weight).
Storage: stored in ventilating and dry place, and quality guarantee period is one year.
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