PM800 Modified-phosphate Zinc Molybdate
Property: Solid white powder
Main Components: Modified molybdate and phosphate
Characteristics: Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, free of heavy metal, extremely easily dispersible, and non-combustible. Resistance to salt water and spray salt of prepared paint film ranks first among similar products.
Rust-proof Mechanism:
Chemical anti-rust: Modified molybdate and phosphate undergo a complexation reaction with painted surface, forming insoluble passive film and inhibiting corrosion to metal base such as steels from the environment.
Main Applications:
The product is widely used. Its performance surpasses traditional anti-rust pigments such as zinc molybdate, aluminum tripolyphosphate, zinc phosphate and calcium hydrophosphate, and is widely applied in such fields as rolled steels, mechanical and electrical products, steel structure, ships and oil pipelines.
Technical Indexes
Item Index Test Method
P2O5% ≥32.0 Appendix C
MoO3% ≥3.0 Appendix A
ZnO% ≥4.5 Appendix E
SiO2% ≥10.0 Appendix B
Oil absorption ≤35.0 GB/T5211.15-88
Density g/cm3 2.2~2.8 GB/T1713-89
Screenings (800 mesh) % ≤0.8 GB/T1715-79
Water soluble substance % ≤1.0 GB/T5211.1-85
Volatile content (105℃) ≤3.0 GB/T5211.3-85
PH Value of aqueous suspension 5.5~7.0 GB/T1717-86

Usage: Dispersed and directly blend with base, auxiliary materials, additives and solvents.
Packing: Packed in kraft paper bag laminated with double PE, 20kg/bag (net weight).
Storage: Kept in a dry and well-ventilated place. Shelf life is one year.
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