Registered trademark:Dragon
Establishment: it was founded in 2012—dragon year, and is situated in Wuxi, a famous city in the south area of the Yangtze River. Its specific location is at Meicun Industrial Park, which is a  vigorous industrial place in New District, Wuxi.
  • Main operation::The company mainly deals with research and development, production and sales of efficient Antirust pigment which is environmental-friendly and nontoxic for industrial use.
  • Technical team:includes 6 people such as senior engineer in applied chemistry from Northwest Normal University, guest professor from Beijing University of Chemical Technology, powder expert from China University of Mining and Technology in Xuzhou and overseas returnee PhD from Zhejiang University etc.
  • Corporate philosophy and culture: Human can also keep rivers clean while developing chemical industry. While providing coating construction with anticorrosive and antirust products, employees from Dragon have been pursuing green environmental protection all the time. Let us protect the blue sky and the green land when we add luster to the world!