WH800 Thermostability Anti-rust Pigment
Property: Solid white powder
Main Components: Flake modified phosphate
Characteristics: Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, free of heavy metal, difficult to dissolve in water, extremely easily dispersible, and non-combustible. The prepared paint film is resistant to high temperature and difficult to crack.
Anti-rust Mechanism:
Physical anti-rust: The product can help paint film achieve a physical shielding effect and improve its performance of high temperature protection.
Main Applications:
It is widely used in thermostability anti-corrosive paints which can endure high temperature above 800℃.
Technical Indexes
Item Index Test Method
P2O5% ≥15.0 AppendixC
TiO2% ≥3.0 AppendixB
Appearance Zinc grey powder Visual
Oil absorption ≤28.0 GB/T5211.15-88
Density g/cm3 2.8~4.0 GB/T1713-89
Screenings (500 mesh) % ≤1.0 GB/T1715-79
Water soluble substance % ≤0.5 GB/T5211.1-85
Volatile content (105℃) ≤0.8 GB/T5211.3-85
PH value of aqueous suspension 7~8.5 GB/T1717-86
Usage: Dispersed and directly blend the product with base, auxiliary materials, additives and solvents.
Packing: Packed in kraft paper bag laminated with double PE, 25kg/bag (net weight).
Storage: Kept in a dry and well-ventilated place. Shelf life is one year.