YR800 Super-fine Alloyed Anticorrosive Pigment
Color, appearance and properties: aurantium or nacarat solid powder
Main components: Based on modification organic pigment , compound titanium silicon elements with advanced envelop technology.
Product feature: Environment-friendly and non-toxic, free from heavy metals, easy for dispersion, noncombustible; weather fastness and salt fog resistance of the prepared paint film by it tops products of the same category; bright color and high brightness. Anticorrosion mechanism:
After preparation of it in paint, this product and coated surface produce chemical complexation to form insoluble passive film, which prevents metal base materials like steel and iron from corrosion by environment.
Main purposes:
This product can be able to replace the traditional pollution anti-corrosion pigments like red lead, chrome yellow, Molybdate red, widely used for steel structure, ships and other fields.
Technical index
Item Index Test method
P2O5% ≥12.0 Appendix C
TiO2% ≥3.0 Appendix B
Oil absorption ≤20.0 GB/T5211.15-88
Density g/cm3 3.2~4.0 GB/T1713-89
Residue on sieve (500 meshes) % ≤0.8 GB/T1715-79
Volatile matter(105℃) ≤0.8 GB/T5211.1-85
Volatile matter(105℃) ≤0.8 GB/T5211.3-85
PH value of water suspension 6.8~8.5 GB/T1717-86
Covering power g/㎡ ≤80 GB/T1709-79
Usage: Directly mix with base materials, auxiliary materials, accessory ingredient and dissolvent by sand mill.
Packing specification: Double package with outer kraft paper and inner plastic package. 25kg/bag (net weight)
Storage: Store it in a ventilated and dry place; Shelf Life: one year.
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